3.7  Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks

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3.7.1  How Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks Works

When you click in the menu: Bookmarks > Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks, the app will scan your bookmarks, make a list of all those URL begins with the old unsafe http:// scheme, and ask your approval to upgrade them.  If you approve, it will then perform a first Verify operation on those bookmarks.  It will then perform a second Verify operation on all of those bookmarks whose resources respond, except during the second pass, it will use the secure https:// scheme instead.  All of the bookmarks which respond during the second pass will then have their URLs permanently changed to https:// scheme.

The Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks operation, therefore, looks like two Verify operations.  All of the displays, throttle adjustments, etc. that are available during Verify are also available during Upgrade Insecure Bookmarks.

At the conclusion of the operation, the Reports tab opens and shows the results.

If you want to see which bookmarks were updated, you may click the magnifying glass icon under Updated.  It will open the Find/Replace report with an appropriate search predicate.

Note that bookmarks which have been secured by this process will continue to show as Secured in the Verify and Find/Replace tabs until the next time it is processed by a regular Verify operation.