Legal but Sleazy Download Scams: Softonic

I just received a message from a customer who was wondering why Bookdog was not acting licensed after she "purchased" a license from this Bookdog download page published by Softonic.  On that page, you'll see that there are three "choices" to download Bookdog.  Being familiar with the way my 20-year old son quickly clicks through web pages without doing much reading, I can understand how someone might choose the "FAST" download.  However, the choices are more clear if I include some facts that they omitted:  

First Choice, "FREE":  Download at maximum speed allowed by your internet connection, with no ads, virus free, premium support directly from the developer, guaranteed latest version, directly from my site.  Cost: $0.00 USD.

Second Choice, "FAST":  Download at maximum speed allowed by your internet connection, from their site.  Cost: $3.14 USD.

Third Choice, "DELUXE": Download at maximum speed allowed by your internet connection, with no ads, virus free, "premium" download support (for those who have trouble finding the 'Download' button?), includes the "privilege" of downloading other apps in this way for 3 months.  Cost: $10.19 USD.

Also not stated very plainly is the fact that none of these choices give you a license to allow the software to work beyond the demo period.

Like the eSellerate Download Service, these deals offered by Softonic are legal but very sleazy.  At least I could protect my customers from eSellerate by dropping them as a distributor, but there's not much I can do to protect people from Softonic.  

With the shrinking percentage of people in this country doing actual work to add actual value, I wonder what's next?  I spent a couple hours picking cherry tomatoes and dehydrating them to tomato paste this morning.  If I was a migrant farm worker I would have been paid $8.00 USD per hour.  Dehydrated tomato paste will have value during this winter.  I wonder how much Softonic is making?

Jerry Krinock