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Normal Topic My Content file import from Safari not updating? (Read 485 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Re: My Content file import from Safari not updating?
Reply #1 - Mar 8th, 2018 at 8:44am
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Hello, Chapacamac.

Thank you for contacting us.  You did not mention whether or not you closed the .bmco document window, which contains that Content tab.  You need to close that window.

(If your document window title is <Whatever>.bkmslf instead of <Whatever>.bmco, click in the menu: BookMacster > Check for Update and get the latest version.)

You see, when that window is open, you can edit your bookmarks.  To avoid conflicts, we ignore changes from browsers when the .bmco document window is open.

When you close the window, you are telling BookMacster that "I'm done editing, you can start syncing now".  If desired, you can watch the activity in the Logs window (menu: BookMacster > Logs).  You must click the round "refresh" button periodically.  Normally, though, just quit BookMacster and leave it quit.  If you want syncing to occur, do not add BookMacster to your Login Items.

If you hover your mouse over the green Syncing button, the tooltip which appears says: Syncing is ready, and will begin after you close the window….  I thinking maybe we should change the color of the dot in the Syncing button from green to yellow, to emphasize this.

Jerry Krinock
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My Content file import from Safari not updating?
Mar 8th, 2018 at 8:27am
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My Content file (Bookmarks) import from Safari is not updating. The only way to update it is to build a new file.

I tested changing elements in Safari, closing everything, reopening, syncing, blah blah...
The “Content” file is always the same ????

My goal is to have Safari as my master to copy to both Firefox dev and Chrome.

The export work perfectly but the syncing of Safari to the “Bookmaster Content” file is not working.
• Syncing is green
• Importing client set as Safari
• Export client (Firefox / Chrome)
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