Installing FileGoBack

Downloads and reinstallation of FileGoBack are free.

* Go to FileGoBack's web page, click one of the download links, and wait "a minute" for the download to complete.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to download the application. Click Continue.

If you don't see the FileGoBack application package (indicated by its icon) where your downloads normally go, you may need to double-click the or FileGoBack.dmg archive.

Once you've got the FileGoBack application package, drag it to your /Applications folder.


FileGoBack is free and in the public domain.


To see if there is an update of FileGoBack available from Sheep Systems, click in the menu FileGoBack > Check for Update.


FileGoBack's Check for Updates is the Sparkle Updater published by Andy Matuschak.

The pie progress view in the GoBack window is based on SSProgressView, part of the S. S. Toolkit published by Sam Soffes.  S. S. Toolkit is for iOS apps.  We modified it to work on Mac OS X and added the indeterminate progress animation, which you see once in a while, briefly, before the pie begins filling deterministically.


We enojoyed creating FileGoBack, but as you know, it is free.  If you found it useful, please consider visiting the FileGoBack tip jar and giving us some encouragement to continue this work.

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