Our legacy product, recommended for users of Mac OS 10.3.9 - 10.4, but OK in later Mac OS X versions, Bookdog allows users to sort (selectively alphabetize), import/export, migrate, verify, find redirects, search, and find duplicates among their bookmarks collections in Safari, Firefox, Camino, Google Bookmarks, Delicious, OmniWeb, Opera, Shiira 2.x and Netscape Navigator. Migrations can be scheduled using Apple's Automator, and bookmarks on other networked Macs or backup disks are easily accessible.  Bookdog is in maintenance mode and is no longer being updated unless we can fix something easily.

Unless you're still using Mac OS X 10.4, we recommend BookMacster instead.  They're both the same price.

If you're still using Mac OS X 10.4, you can use Bookdog now and easily crossgrade to BookMacster for a small price whenever you upgrade to Mac OS version 10.5 or later.  In case you're still using Bookdog and like it, Bookdog still works in later Mac OS X versions, and gets occasional compatibility updates.  However, you cannot use Bookdog on your Safari bookmarks if you are also using iCloud to sync your Safari bookmarks.  Our newer app, BookMacster, can handle iCloud.


"My Mac is smart enough to organize lots of stuff.  Why not my bookmarks?"

After you install Bookdog, you spend a few minutes adjusting how you want your bookmarks sorted, click Sort and within seconds your bookmarks are all in order!  Click Analyze to find duplicates and then eliminate those you don't want.  Open the Preferences, activate Bookwatchdog, and your bookmarks will be re-sorted after you make changes.  Automatically.  Do you seem to have alot of bookmarks that don't work anymore?   Tell Bookdog to Verify.   He'll make a quick visit to all the websites you have bookmarked, present a report of their responses, give you some options on how he can automatically fix bookmarks that have been "redirected", and finally present a handy tool which allows you to quickly review and fix the remainder.  Using Camino, Firefox, Opera,, Shiira, Google™ Bookmarks and/or OmniWeb in addition to Safari? When you tell him to Migrate your bookmarks between browsers, he finds the right folder and avoids creating duplicates.  You can migrate unilaterally (one-way) or bilaterally, "synchronizing" all missing bookmarks between browsers.  And you can do so from an AppleScript or schedule Migrations using Apple's Automator.  Download Bookdog's sample AppleScripts and Automator Workflow.

Atta boy!  Finally, you see the intelligence you knew your Mac was capable of!


See some of what Bookdog looks like on the inside.

Main Menu, Main Windows

A Main Window provides access to the bookmarks in each web browser and service you use.


By clicking Find, you can make an an "advanced" search and search for a bookmark in any of your web browsers.


A couple of short screencasts showing how to use Bookdog. 

Verifying and Fixing Broken Bookmarks

100 seconds, 3.2 MB.  Watch Bookdog check 1200 bookmarks.  (Well, we shortened it a little.)


5 minutes and 19 seconds, 7.2 MB.  Rather long, but shows where the bookmarks go when migrating from one browser to another, in gruesome detail.

Trying and Buying

Free Demo (Trial)

Simply download Bookdog and start using it.  When you attempt to save or export bookmarks, click the "Demo" button.  In a few seconds, Bookdog will request, retrieve and install your Demo license which will be good for 3 days.  You may do this 3 times, thus receiving 9 days of active demo time.

What is the Basic License?

The Basic License allows operation of Bookdog on your choice of either (a) one user on multiple Macs or (b) multiple users on one Mac.  You'll also get free updates for at least one year.  You can read all about it in our license.


The price for a Basic License is $22.95 USD.

How to Buy?

To purchase a Basic license, launch BookMacster and click in the main menu: 


Volume and Academic Licensing

Yes, we offer volume and academic licensing.


Bookdog comes with an Apple Help Book in its Help menu.  The same Help Book is available online, here.