1.6  Using BookMacster Directly

To use BookMacster directly means to land new bookmarks to and visit existing bookmarks using one of the facilities listed in the table below, byassing the built-in bookmarks in web browsers such as Safari.  The advantage of this workflow is that it has fewer moving parts and works faster.  The disadvantage of using this method exclusively is that it will not sync your bookmarks to non-Macintosh devices such as iOS devices, Android devices or computers running Microsoft Windows or Linux.  Users of this workflow ignore the Bookmarks menu, Bookmarks Bar, Favorites Bar, etc., and all of the built-in bookmarks in web browsers.  They might even remove all bookmarks from them, just to be tidy.

To use BookMacster Directly, you will create a document that has no Clients.

Follow the steps below.  If you click a link for more detail, use the Back (<) button in the toolbar above to return here.

        Facility   Landing   Visiting   Works in browsers
        Global Keyboard Shortcuts   ✔   ✔   All readable browser apps
        Menu Extra   ✔   ✔   All readable browser apps
        Dock Menu   ✔   ✔   All readable browser apps
        Browser Toolbar Button   ✔   Firefox, Vivadli, Brave, Edge, Opera, Chrome, FreeSMUG’s Chromium, Canary only
        Bookmarklet   ✔   All browsers
        Scripting BookMacster   ✔