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Jerry Krinock
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Firefox 4 (beta) requires Bookdog beta
Jan 17th, 2011 at 3:45pm
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Imports from and Exports to recent versions of Firefox 4 beta will fail with an error if you are using the current "production" version of Bookdog, version 5.3.13.  To fix this problem, please update to the latest beta version of Bookdog.

To update to the latest beta, please click this link:

When the download completes and unzips, open the subfolder "For Upgraders" and read the "Important Upgrade Instructions.rtf".  Or, just read 'em here.  Here's what it says:

1.  Doubleclick "Run if 'Bookdog is in use'.command".  (This is a script which quits any Bookdog or Bookwatchdog applications which may be running.)

2.  Drag your old Bookdog to the Trash.

3.  Drag the new Bookdog from the downloaded folder to /Applications, or other desired location.

We'd appreciate reports of any bugs you find in Bookdog beta promptly, either here or via email, whichever you prefer, since we'd like to publish this for all users so that everyone on weekly autoupdate will have it before Firefox 4 is out of beta.

Jerry Krinock
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