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Normal Topic Error 125788 (Read 2191 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Re: Error 125788
Reply #1 - Jan 29th, 2020 at 4:08pm
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Hello, Matt.

When you switch on Syncing in BookMacster or Synkmark, a data object called a "syncer" is created and stored in a database (Core Data) file.  The "syncer" has a bunch of attributes which remember how you configured it (how to sync), and also an ID number.  Error 12588 is raised when such a syncer is triggered, usually by changing a bookmark in a browser, to perform a syncing operation, but when our agent process asked the system for a syncer with the ID number that supposedly triggered the operation, none was found.

Of course, this should never happen.  It indicates that either the database file is corrupt, or that the system failed to read it correctly.

In any case, to recover from Error 125788, I would recommend:

• Launch BookMacster or Synkmark.
• If Syncing is READY (yellow dot in the toolbar), click the button to switch it OFF.
• Click it again to switch it back to READY.
• Click through prompts to export or whatever.
• Quit BookMacster or Synkmark.

The above procedure will destroy and then re-create the "syncer" object.

Since this explanation is not very satisfying to me either, I just added some coding so that the next version (probably 2.10.3) of BookMacster and Synkmark will attach some more clues to Error 125788.  To send us any future Error 125788, with all of the clues, click the life-preserver icon near the top of the error dialog to generate an informative email message to us.


Jerry Krinock
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Error 125788
Jan 29th, 2020 at 6:20am
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What is error 125788, does anyone know?

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