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Normal Topic Trying to repair my BookMaster configuration. (Read 2376 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Re: Trying to repair my BookMaster configuration.
Reply #1 - Mar 24th, 2020 at 7:20pm
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Regarding the duplications, if the duplications are still occurring, or just for good measure since it takes only about 10 minutes of work, you should rebuild your iCloud bookmarks.

Regarding using iCloud as a syncing service, I tried to fix this again a couple months ago, with some new ideas, but still got those file deadlocks.  Most users are on Alternative 1 – the Bridge Mac idea, and this is recommended.

Regarding whether or not you can avoid syncing other browser data: For Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge, Opera and Chrome the answer is yes  Smiley  After signing in, click that you want to choose or customize what to sync and you will be presented with a half dozen or so checkboxes.  For Safari and iCloud, sadly, you know, Apple became very successful by giving people limited choices, so in your System Preferences > iCloud or Apple ID there is only one checkbox for Safari – all or nothing, take it or leave it.   Cry

Jerry Krinock
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Trying to repair my BookMaster configuration.
Mar 24th, 2020 at 5:05pm
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I’ve got 2 Macs (MacOS 10.11.6 & 10.14.6) and 3 IOS devices (all on IOS 12.4.6). Safari is used on all devices. Firefox is also used on the Macs. I would like to have my bookmarks synced for all clients on all devices.

Whether by sync loop or conflicting BookMaster 2.10.18 options such as sort order, or just by bad karma, a number of my bookmark folders have each become a near endless descending series of repeating subfolders, e.g., FolderA/SubB/SubA/SubB/SubA/SubB ad nauseam. Out of frustration I finally stopped syncing on the Mac that I use most often.

I’ve turned to the cluster of help snippets for guidance in reconfiguring my system before I attack the duplication in my bookmarks file, but questions remain.

1) Using iCloud as my syncing service should be able to reach all of my devices, but “Online File Syncing Services useable by Synkmark & BookMacster” (evaluations updated July 2014) cautions,
[quote]“if a .bkmslf document is open in one of our apps, or is being synced in the background by one of our apps, at the same time as iCloud Drive is pushing in changes from the cloud, the file system will deadlock.  In Finder, the syncing icon (the little cloud) will appear, and in our app, if you try to close the document, it will beachball and require a force quit.  So, although iCloud Drive can be used with care, we’re not recommending it until we study this further and see if there is a way to break the deadlock.  (Tested 2015-Jan-04)” [/quote]

Is this old warning from 2014 or 2015 still current? Is it now safe to use iCloud in my BookMacster reconfiguration, or should it still be avoided?

If iCloud can now be recommended, I have a second question.

2) Helpfile 4.11.1, “Alternative 1: One Synkmark or BookMacster on One Bridge Mac,” recommends a simple and safe sync configuration using the browsers’ proprietary services (iCloud, Firefox Sync, and Chrome Sync), but “4.11.3  Bonus of Alternative 1” reports that, in addition to syncing bookmarks, it “has the additional advantage of syncing not only bookmarks but other browser data (open tabs, history, etc.) within each browser.” My Macs are targeted to different activities, and I’d like to limit the synced information to just the bookmarks.

Is there any way, when using this configuration, to disable the syncing of these additional details, and limit the synced information to just bookmarks?
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