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Sticky Topic Not Getting Notifications of Syncing Errors? (Read 1955 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Not Getting Notifications of Syncing Errors?
Sep 22nd, 2022 at 12:28pm
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Recent versions of our BookMacster, Synkmark and Smarky have migrated to using the macOS Notification Center (those little rectangles that pop up in the upper right corner of your screen) when something goes wrong with syncing, instead of splashing dialogs in your face at any hour of the day and night.  This is more polite, but it allows users to mute all of our these notifications which means you won't know that syncing is not working.

To ensure that you will be alerted to errors which affect your bookmarks syncing, launch your System Preferences (System Settings in macOS 13+) and open the Notifications or Notification Center pane.  In the list of apps, look for BkmxNotifier-A.  That's our error alert helper.  Click on it and ensure that it is set to Allow Notifications as Alerts.

You will notice BkmxNotifier-B in there too.  That is also ours.  BkmxNotifier-B will give notifications whenever bookmarks syncing actions occur.  BkmxNotifier-B is helpful for troubleshooting and learning how our app works, but more people tire of its notifications quickly.  You do not need to allow notifications from BkmxNotifier-B.

You can further customize the notifications displayed by BkmxNotifier-A and BkmxNotifier-B in BookMacster, Synkmark or Smarky.  To do that

Activate our app.
Click in the main menu under the app name > Preferences
Click the Syncing tab.
Click the Notifications button at the bottom.

Jerry Krinock
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