Maxthon or Aviator browsers

So far we’ve had several requests from users that BookMacster add support for the Maxthon or White Hat Aviator web browsers, so that you could choose it as a Client, just like Safari, Firefox, etc.  We’re still waiting for more requests before we do that, but it turns out that Maxthon stores its bookmarks in much the same way that Google Chrome, Chromium and Canary do, so early adopters can import and probably export to Maxthon or Aviator“manually”.

With the following procedure, I successfully imported from Maxthon 4.1.2…

• If Maxthon or Aviator has any proprietary syncing mechanism which you are using to sync to other devices, switch it off.
• To make sure that all bookmarks changes have been written to the file, quit Maxthon or Aviator if it is running.
• Activate BookMacster.
• Activate the Bookmarkshelf Document that you want Maxthon or Aviator bookmarks in.
• Click in the menu:
Import from only > Choose File (Advanced)
• Choose Normal or Overlay as desired.
• Click
• Bullet Existing File.
• Choose File Format: Chrome.
• When the Choose a Chrome bookmarks file dialog sheet opens, hit the keyboard shortcut ⌘⇧G. (That’s command+shift+G).  Another sheet will open that says Go to the folder.  Copy and paste in this answer…

    ~/Library/Application Support/Maxthon/Default
    ~/Library/Application Support/Aviator/Default

Click Go.
• Choose the file named
• Click Choose.

It worked for me.

Exporting should work the same, except you choose 
Export from only.  Since no one has ever tried exporting before, you should back up that Maxthon “Bookmarks” file before exporting to it, and be check twice that you have quit Maxthon.

One more warning.  The bookmark records in the Maxthon bookmarks file contain several fields which the other Chrome-ish browsers do not.  These include: “ t”, "b": “m”, “sc”, and “v”.  I don’t know what they are for.  Probably they are for unimportant metadata such as: whether or not a folder is expanded, how many times the bookmark has been visited, verified or whatever.  Using the procedure described above, BookMacster will ignore these fields during Import, not export them during Export, and therefore lose them, at least on changed items and maybe on all items, during Import/Export round trips.  If we were going to formally support Maxthon, we’d have to find out what these fields are.  If anyone who is deep into Maxthon happens to know, we’d appreciate the tip.

These special fields do not seem to an issue in Aviator.

If you have this or any other advice for us, or other users, which you would like to post publicly, you may wish to use the Forum thread on this topic.