Our Privacy Policy


This document states the privacy policies adhered to by Sheep Systems.  It was first written on 2008 Sep 12 and was last revised on 2021 Nov 04.


Our web browser extensions (BookMacster Sync, BookMacster Button) only send information to one of our apps (BookMacster, Synkmark, Markster or Smarky).  Our web browser extensions never make a connection to the internet.

And the only time our apps (
BookMacster, Synkmark, Markster or Smarky) can aid in sending user information is when a user clicks the support request button in an error dialog (or uses Trouble Zipper, described below). Clicking the support request button generates an email to us in the user's email application.  Our apps do not send this email.  It is only sent to us if and when the user decides to send the email.


By default, our applications may automatically send technical performance data along with an identifier, securely anonymized as a small part of a SHA256 hash, and IP address, to our servers.  The anonymous identifier is so that we can sort data coming from the same user.   The IP address is so that we can discover any differences among world regions.  At this time, such technical performance data is:

• Model number of the computer
• macOS version
• Number of times that our app exported to Safari in Legacy and New modes, and the last date of each
• Statistics (min, max, mean) of how long our application has been taking to complete exports to Safari in New mode.

At this time, our apps send this data after a number of exports to Safari, designed to be once a week for the average user.  This information is retained indefinitely, although data for a given computer is overwritten by subsequent transmissions.

Users may prevent our app from sending such data by clicking in the application menu:
Preferences, and then in the General tab, and switching off the checkbox shown in the screenshot above.


Occasionally we may request that users who have an issue with a product send us data containing their bookmarks, application preferences, crash logs, system configuration, and filtered system logs.  (Our Trouble Zipper tools filter system logs to send only messages generated by one of our applications.)  We retain this information until the issue is resolved or until the user directs us to destroy it.  



When Sheep Systems grants a license for one of its products, it retains the following information in its secure database.  Note that we do not keep any customer's credit card information.  Because we use outside payment processors such as Paypal to process our payments, we do not even have access to credit card information.  Our idea is: If we don't even have it, no one can steal it from us.

License Number, a serial number (not same as License Key)
Date and time license was granted
Name and Email of Purchaser
Country, State or Region of Purchaser
Name of Product licensed (BookMacster, etc.)
Licensee Name, License Key, Volume License dtails
Whether or not purchaser wishes to be contacted
Amount paid, tax collected
Transaction ID

This information is used for our accounting, business analysis, to identify customers requesting support or License Keys and, very rarely, to send email announcements to users that have allowed this.


Although we do not store the following additional information pertaining to each purchase, we may access to it via our distributor, Paddle.

Purchaser Street Address
Purchaser Telephone Number

This information might someday be used if, for example, a user requested a telephone call but we lost the phone number.

Here is a link to the Privacy Policy of Paddle.


We keep archives of email correspondence with users.  This information is used to support users and determine what areas of our products need improvement.


All information discussed in this policy, in our posession, is kept only in several password-protected computers and hard drives in our posession, in  our secure web server, and in our secure offsite backup.  It has not and will not ever be shared with a third party.