2.2  Simple Syncers

2.2.1  Simple Setup

To keep browsers in sync, or to just keep the content of one browser sorted alphabetically, you activate Syncers.  For most users, Simple Syncers suffice.

Four of the checkboxes will switch on.

Leaving all four checkboxes on is recommended for most users.  If you want your bookmarks to be sorted (alphabetized), you should also switch ON Checkbox 2.

If you have no special requirements and want syncing to “just work”, you are now done and may go back to the previous page.

If you want to make sure that BookMacster will sync as you want it to, please read on.

2.2.2  A Little More Detail

Conceptually, when you switch on these checkboxes, you are enabling sync operations to occur whenever your bookmarks are changed.  A sync operation commences 0-5 minutes after the change, and is slow and lazy by design.  Upon commencement, it typically takes 5-20 seconds total, and consists of three steps…

Voila!  All Clients now have the same, changed bookmarks.  These three steps are enabled in various ways by the five checkboxes…

For basic syncing among one or more web browsers on one Mac, you need to leave on at least Checkbox 1 and Checkbox 3.

2.2.3  If you want a Lot More Detail

If you would like even finer-grained control over how and when BookMacster syncs, and additional triggers, such as syncing on a schedule or syncing when you log in, consider using Advanced Syncers instead of these Simple Syncers.