3.1  Pause and Resume Agents

To avoid syncing conflicts, before beginning any major bookmarks reorganization, if you have enabled syncing (in BookMacster an, Agent), you should pause it.  This can be done in one click, using the using the multi-function Syncing button near the middle of the toolbar in a Bookmarkshelf window.

If you have paused agents, the app will remind you to resume them if desired when you close the Bookmarkshelf document or quit the app.

This indicates that no Syncing Agents are available in the Bookmarkshelf.  Clicking the button will expose the Settings > Agents > Simple tab and prompt you to create an Agent.  Because Smarky and Synkmark always have Syncing agents available, this state will only appear in BookMacster.
This indicates that a Syncing Agent is currently active.  Clicking the button will cause all of this Bookmarkshelf’s Agents to be paused until you resume them.  To avoid interruptions in your work, you may want to pause syncing when you are editing Settings or Content in the app.  To avoid conflicts, do not manipulate bookmarks in any of the Clients while syncing is paused.  If one of the Clients is Safari and you are using iCloud Bookmarks syncing, it is best to wait until your Mac has been running for 20 minutes after you have made any bookmarks changes in other devices, for changes to clear.  The app will remind you to resume syncing before closing the window.
This indicates that a Syncing Agent is available but syncing has been paused.  Clicking the button will resume syncing.

These functions are also accessible from menu items in the Bookmarkshelf menu.