3.1  Pause and Resume Syncers

This indicates that no Syncers are configured in the Collection.  Clicking the button will expose the Settings > Syncing > Simple tab and prompt you to create a Syncer.  Because Smarky and Synkmark have Syncers built in, this *OFF* state can only appear in BookMacster.  It can also appear in BookMacster if all of your Syncers are [nonsyncing syncers]().
This indicates that Syncing is *ready.*  After you quit Smarky, Synkmark or BookMacster (or just close the .bmco window in BookMacster), your web Browsers (Clients) will be watched, and any future changes you make in them will be processed as you have indicated in Smarky or Synkmark’s menu > *Preferences* > *Syncing,* or in BookMacster, the tabs *Settings* > *Clients* and *Syncing.*  Note that if you change bookmarks externally, for example, add a new bookmark in Safari or in Safari in a iCloud-synced iOS device while the .bmco window is still open, then Export, that new bookmark will be lost.  Clicking the button will cause all of this Collection’s Syncers to be paused until you resume them.   The app will remind you to resume syncing, if you desire, before closing the window.
This indicates that a Syncer(s) are configured, but syncing has been paused.  Clicking the button will resume syncing.

These functions are also accessible from menu items in the Collection menu.