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Normal Topic 100k bookmarks in Safari- mostly duplicates (Read 3128 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Re: 100k bookmarks in Safari- mostly duplicates
Reply #1 - May 24th, 2012 at 10:15am
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Hello addiva,

This looks like the work of iCloud + Xmarks, not Safari.  Before I answer this I'd like you to please confirm that Bookmarks syncing is switched on in your System Preferences ▸ iCloud.  Or maybe it was switched on previously?

Jerry Krinock
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100k bookmarks in Safari- mostly duplicates
May 23rd, 2012 at 11:26am
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I bought Bookmacster in December because my old favorite, X-marks, got so glitchy that I couldn't use it any longer. Unfortunately, in the process trying to make Xmarks work, I ended up with a ton of duplicate bookmarks that propagated to Safari. Those bookmarks have choked Bookmacster - until recently, I couldn't even open the file because BM would crash (or so I thought- turns out BM just needed hours and hours and hours to load them).

This week, I finally steeled myself to return to the task and was actually able to delete about 6k bookmarks. I felt pretty good about it -- progess at last - until I closed Bookmacster and reopened it to find all the deleted bookmarks were BACK (costing me about 4 hours of work). This happened twice and I deduced that Safari's local file must be overwriting the Bookmacster file (for now, I am running Bookmacster only on one computer but store the file on Dropbox for future syncing. However, I turned off DRopbox until I can get this straightened out on my computer).

I don't want Safari adding those old bookmarks back in to Bookmacster. So I actually pulled the Safari bookmarks list out of Library and deleted it! Bad move. Bookmacster can't parse the file (I should have known), so I restored it but I am nervous that Safari will overwrite the updated Bookmacster file again.

I turned off the agents for Safari (now only have Chrome working in the agents). But if I go through this process again, how do I make sure that the current Bookmacster bookmarks are the ones that will overwrite the ones in that huge Safari file on my computer? Because that cleaned up file is what I want to sync with all the rest of the computers in my network. (and isn't that the POINT?).

Sure would like some help and this forum seems pretty friendly (which is a nice surprise)
Thanks for your attention.

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