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Normal Topic newly added bookmarks disappear (Read 1295 times)
Jerry Krinock
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Re: newly added bookmarks disappear
Reply #1 - May 23rd, 2019 at 10:25am
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Hello, Sam.  Thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, the tab Reports > Sync Log is the tool you need for troubleshooting stuff like this.  If you look at it more carefully, it should show exactly what happened.

When you select an Import or Export operation in the popup menu, it shows a list, giving the name of every changed item and indicating whether it was added, updated, deleted,  or etc.

Going back to just after you added the new item, you should see an Import from Safari operation, and within its list that item should be listed as an addition.  A minute or less later, you should see Export operations to other browsers, and within their lists, that new item should be listed as an addition.  Typically the way new items disappear is that, before this export, for some reason which we need to determine, there is an Import operation from another browser which, of course, does not have this new item and consequently the new item is deleted.  Or maybe the import from the other browser occurs before the import from Safari.

Either look at those Sync Logs more carefully and tell us what you see, or send us a Trouble Zipper report, answering Include Bookmarks and Documents when asked, and I can decipher it for you.  Please tell me the name of at least one bookmark which disappeared, and the approximate time of day that you added it.

Jerry Krinock
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newly added bookmarks disappear
May 23rd, 2019 at 9:40am
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Hi -

I use Bookmacster to sync bookmarks on my desktop between Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

I've done nothing special in setting things up: i.e., settings are all local ones

Over the last several months I've had a problem with newly added bookmarks and bookmark folders (to Safari, my primary-use browser) disappearing shortly after being added/created.

Following the addition bookmacster sync logs show the bookmarks being imported from Safari and added to Chrome. Then Bookmacster exports to Safari, and then Chrome, removing the bookmarks. The only export to Firefox happens after the bookmarks have been deleted from Safari and Chrome, and that export makes no change to Firefox.

I'm more than happy to completely reconfigure my Bookmacster set-up: I only have these three browsers on this single computer that I want to keep synchronized. Just tell me what to do to fix this problem: I'm very exasperated about losing my research!
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