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Sheep Systems specializes in unique utilities for Mac OS X.  We have a product for managing your web browsers' bookmarks on Mac OS X, a tiny time saver for getting files out of the Time Machine™ application, and a couple of freebies.  Click one of our product titles on this page for complete information.


If you have an issue with one of our products, it's not so much your problem as our problem.  One of the links on this page will begin to fix it.


Our press releases are distributed by prMac.   To receive the latest press from the Mac community once or twice a day, you can register at prMac.

Source Code

Our general-purpose code is open-sourced, on our GitHub page.  You are free to browse there and download, fetch or clone whatever you want for your own commercial or non-commercial use.


Chief Bookdog

Our Chief Bookdog is Colette's bearded collie.  She got him out of the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley shelter when he was about 2 years old, in 1998.


"The smartest guy in the room"

Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer Jerry Krinock has a MSEE degree from Wayne State University in downtown Detroit, MI and also has 20 years experience designing modem hardware, firmware, algorithms and control systems for  lightwave and microwave telecommunication products.  He contributed to IEEE Standard 802.16 and has been awarded six patents, although he admits that these patents were the kind you get when management is trying to sell off a product line and calls a meeting to annouce, we'd like to patent some of this stuff [so that the analysts can check that box when calculating our value].  He is a member of IEEE.  In January 2013, at the age of 56, he gave up Masters swimming and is trying to stay in shape by other means.  He likes to arrange his own musical parts using Finale, and read it on his iPad Mini using forScore.  He plays piano, bass, guitar, and accordion, all at an intermediate level.  The older I get, the less I know about more and more.


Our real address:

    1023 Newhall St.
    San Jose, CA   95126   USA

Phone: +1-408-641-3996

Skype: jerrykrinock
AIM: jerrykrinock

Office Hours

Commitment to Quality

Most software is licensed "as is", or as Microsoft says in the license agreement for Offic:mac 2004, AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS.  By contrast, Sheep Systems' products are guaranteed to work, and it says so in your license.  I achieve this by methodical design and careful testing.

During the public beta test of Bookdog 4.2, after 1200 downloads, only one bug was reported, but it turned out to be an old bug that I fixed, as usual, the next day. 

On two separate occasions, single users had reported some unbelieveable bugs in reviews of Bookdog.  As part of the quality commitment, I replied to the reviews offering $100 USD rewards to anyone that could reproduce the reported bug.  But no reward claims have ever been received.


This website was developed using Sandvox, and is hosted on a shared server by Hosting Zoom.  The "stock" icons on the site were created by Jasper Hauser or Matt Ball.  The movies on this website were shot with Screenflow.  Yes, many things on the site could be made better, but we prefer to spend our time on products.


Thoughts from the developers about bookmarks, sometimes,  where we're headed.


How we treat information we receive from others.

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