If you have an issue with one of our products, it's not so much your problem as our problem.  One of the links on this page will begin to fix it.

License Key Lost or Not Working

If one of our apps suddenly tells you that it is no longer license, this may be because you have a Version 1 license but are now using Version 2.

If that does not explain the problem, please fill out our Lost License Request Form.

Support Articles

We also have a page of Support Articles, aka "Knowledge Base", of issues.

Forum (Recommended)

We appreciate when issues are discussed openly on our Forum.  We monitor the forum attentively.


If you'd prefer, you may send us an mail.

How to Send Data to Us

We can often solve problems pretty quickly if we have can reproduce it with your data, and we are happy to do that.  All data we receive is treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Trouble Zipper (Recommended)

The easiest way to send us data is to use our Trouble Zipper.

If you have Smarky, Synkmark, Markster or BookMacster, you can launch that app and click in the menu Help ▸ Trouble Zipper.  Otherwise, download it manually and then double-click to run the Sheep Systems Trouble Zipper after it unzips. 

The Trouble Zipper gathers preferences files and crash reports for Sheep Systems' apps, a mini system profile, any message sent to your system console log which has the name of one of our apps in it, and optionally, if you "OK" it, relevant document and bookmarks files. 

Redacting Bookmarks

A BookMacster Bookmarkshelf (.bkmslf) file contains all of your bookmarks.  If you don't want to send all of your bookmarks, despite our nice Privacy Policy, we can often still find some clues even from a .bkmslf file which has some or all of the bookmarks redacted.  To create a redacted version,

  • Editing the Bookmarkshelf in BookMacster, delete the folders or bookmarks which you want to redact.  To redact all items, in the menu, click Bookmarkshelf ▸ Delete All Content.
  • In the menu click either File ▸ Duplicate (Lion) or File ▸ Save As (Snow/Leopard).
  • In the dialog, navigate to your Desktop and save it as a new .bkmslf file.
  • Close the Bookmarkshelf window.
  • When running Trouble Zipper,  when asked to identify troublesome Bookmarkshelf files, choose the redacted version.

The Actual Sending

If the .zip file does not exceed the size that your email provider will send (10 MB is pretty safe), you may attach it to your email to  Otherwise, you may upload it directly to our Dropbox.