4.3  Finding Your Settings

4.3.1  Preferences

Settings which affect all documents are in the Preferences window.  Because Smarky, Synkmark and Markster support a single Collection, their document settings are all in the Preferences window.

To edit Preferences in the Application Menu > Preferences.

4.3.2  Per-Document Settings

Because BookMacster supports multiple documents, it has an additional, per-document level of settings.  Controls for these settings are in the Settings tab of the document.

4.3.3  Local Settings

Some settings, although associated with a document, are more related to its usage in a particular Macintosh User Account or different Mac.  We call such settings Local Settings.  Local Settings are not stored in the Collection .bmco file but are stored separately (see below).

If a .bmco file is copied to another Macintosh User Account, either manually or if synced by an Online File Syncing Service as part of your multi-device syncing strategy, you will see that these Local Sttings are reset to default or empty values.  You need to set what you want on each Mac.

There are two such groups of Local Settings

Open, Save Automatic Actions

Open, Save Automatic Actions are actions you have set to occur automatically when a document opens.  These are only available in BookMacster.

Synced Browsers or Clients

These settings control which web browsers or clients are automatically  synced, and how.

4.3.4  Technical Note 

Local Settings are stored in a file named Settings-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.sql in ~/Library/Application Support/BookMacster.  For BookMacster, the XXX number is the unique identifier you see when you click menu > Bookmarks > Document Information.  For the other apps, you should have only one such file.  If you have more than one, they are probably from BookMacster or discarded documents.  Look at the file modification dates.