The Future of our Firefox Extensions

Our apps BookMacster and Synkmark include our Sheep Systems Sync Extension, and BookMacster and Markster optionally use or Sheep Systems Menu Extension.  These are both Firefox extensions.

Currently, the Mozilla Foundation, which develops Firefox, is working on replacing the interface which these two extensions use.  This is a welcome change – the new interface is going to be much better and easier to maintain the old interface,
if it all gets implemented in a timely manner, preferably, as soon as possible so that we can discover and iron out any kinks before the old interface dies.

Mozilla’s development is driven by a Bug database.  Everything that needs to be done is a Bug.  Unlike Apple, though, Mozilla’s Bug database is public, and anyone can register and vote to increase the priority of Bugs.

To assure the uninterrupted operation of BookMacster, Synkmark, and Markster, I encourage all users, particularly those who might already be registered with Mozilla and can do this in less than a minute, to register if necessary and vote for either or both of the following bugs, which call out still-unimplmented items we need in Firefox’ new bookmarks interface.

Bug 1213674 Complete the implementation of chrome.bookmarks

Bug 1221764 Implement simple chrome.bookmarks events

These bugs are amidst 227 others currently “blocking” Firefox’ new Extensions interface.  My guess is that if we got maybe 10 or 20 votes, we’d move them into the top tier which would assure they get timely attention.

Thank you for your support!

Jerry Krinock