End-User License Agreement

In this agreement you, user or purchaser may refer to either an individual or an organization.

Terms which Apply to All Users

By using a Sheep Systems product, you agree to the following terms.  Sheep Systems shall not be held liable for merchantability or fitness of its product for any particular purpose.  In particular, you agree that Sheep Systems is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages, however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort, including negligence.  In any case, the liability of Sheep Systems to you shall be limited to the price which you paid to us.

Additional Rights Granted to Purchasers of the Regular License

After purchasing a Regular License for one of our products, you may use that product in accordance with one of the the following two options at any time:

Option A — One user with multiple computers.  Designate a single user or family of users, where family is a group of people who reside in the same dwelling unit.    The user, or anyone in the family, may use the product on any computer owned by the family or any member of the family.


Option B — One computer with multiple users.  Install the product on one computer and allow any user of that computer to use the product.

Additional Rights Granted to Purchasers of the Volume License

If you purchase a Volume License for one of our products, you may designate a pool of computers which you own or lease, limited in number to the that allowed by the steps or seats which you purchased.  Any person may use that product on any computer in the pool.

Additional Rights Granted to All Purchasers

The above rights granted purchasers to install and use our product continue in perpetuity.  Purchasers are also granted the right to download and use as allowed above, at no additional cost, all upgrades and updates of the licensed product which may be released within one year from the date of purchase.

Option to use Prior License

If you purchased Bookdog prior to 2009-11-11, you may choose to be bound by either this license, or the old license which was published at the time of your purchase.  The old license restricted the Basic License to two computers, and thus allowed multiple users with two computers, which the current license does not.  We feel that the trading of this provision for the new "one user or one computer" rule will simplify life for more people. 

Revision History

Rev 1.0  2009-09-11.  Original release
Rev 1.1  2009-11-11.  Generalized to all products, eliminated ambiguities.