1.5  BookMacster : Sync Browsers

This section gives the steps to set up BookMacster, possibly in conjunction with other services, to keep the internal bookmarks of your web browsers in sync with one another.  For example, when you add or delete a bookmark in Firefox’ Bookmarks Toolbar or menu, you want the same addition or deletion to be reflected in Safari’s Favorites or Bookmarks menu.

Follow the steps below.  If you click a link for more detail, use the Back (<) button in the toolbar above to return here.

If you are only using BookMacster on one Mac, you are done.  If desired, you may test your Syncers.

If you made a sketch earlier and it shows BookMacster on multiple Macs, repeat the following group of steps on each additional Mac.  They’re mostly the same as what you did on the first Mac.

Your setup is now complete.