Smarky is the bookmarks manager for Safari bookmarks which is compatible with Apple’s iCloud.  After installing Smarky on a Mac, and enabling iCloud syncing, you can have automatically alphabetized and organized Safari bookmarks on all of your Apple devices.  To get a free trial,

Note: If iCloud has not been syncing your Safari bookmarks correctly, you should check this out before getting started with Smarky.

Help Book

Smarky comes with an Apple Help Book in its Help menu.  The Help Book for the latest version is available online, here.


A Regular License for Smarky is priced at $11.95 USD.  We also offer volume and academic licensing, and discounts for users that upgrade from Bookdog.  Smarky is a member of the BookMacster family of bookmarks managers.  

The BookMacster Family

Smarky is the smallest member of our BookMacster Family of apps.  For other apps and pricing options, see our Bookmarks Manager Selection Guide.

How to Demo or Buy

Simply download Smarky, install and start using it.  When you attempt to save or export bookmarks, click the "Demo" button.  In a few seconds, Smarky will request, retrieve and install your Demo license which will be good for 3 days.  You may do this 3 times, thus receiving 9 days of active demo time.

To purchase a Regular license, launch the app and click in the main menu